our story.

Meet the family behind hello islie. Liz, mama to Olivia and Islie.
Ever since I fell pregnant to our eldest daughter, Olivia, I've become extremely passionate about self care. Not only was it a way to cope mentally throughout a tough pregnancy, but it also became apparent that post birth I had to make it a priority and fight opinions that baby comes first and mother second. My own opinion quickly formed that a mother cannot give the best to her children if she herself is not cared for. 

I started my first business in 2015 after Olivia's birth with an extensive range of bath and body care with the direct focus on self care during pregnancy and post partum. The focus on this brand and the achievement that came with it helped me through my own struggle with post partum depression. In 2018 it was time for me to move on from that brand and spend more quality time with my family. One thing remained strong though and that was my want and need to encourage other women and mothers to prioritise their own self care.

Fast forward to my pregnancy with Islie in 2020 and I was looking for something to nourish my hair and keep it healthy ahead of postpartum hair loss. I couldn't find exactly what I was after: as natural as possible, easily rinsed leaving no oily residue, and of course soft, healthy and nourished hair after just one use. Drawing back on my previous experience, I knew I could create something to fit my own brief that others would love too. And after months of research and trials to find the perfect ingredients, the hello islie. formula was found.

It's important to me that our product can be used for everyone in your family, but also has a glorious feel that makes it truly indulgent when just for you. Our hair masque is handmade in small batches, each one packed by myself personally. We source all of our ingredients from other local Australian businesses, and choose sustainable options wherever possible.

I'm so happy that you've found your way to hello islie. and would love for you to follow along as we grow our variety of self care encouraging products.

Liz xoxo