Trying something new can often be scary, especially when it comes to ourselves. We totally get it. So we've asked our community to share with us what they would like to know in hopes that this will help you. Each product will have a varying set of questions that we recommend you look over also.

What hair types is our range suitable for?
Our nourishing hair care is suitable for all hair types - thin, thick, curly, straight, coarse, fine, blonde, brown, virgin, coloured. You name it.

Is the collection Curly Girl approved?
Yes! Each new product gets the ingredients tested against the Curly Girl Method to ensure your gorgeous curls will look their best.

I have a sensitive scalp. Will any product aggravate that?
No! We keep our ingredients clean and effective. Our Nourishing Hair Masque contains a very common preservative used at a minimal amount (less than 1%). Please review the ingredients list prior to purchasing. And as with anything new you use on your skin and hair, we recommend a patch test even on natural ingredients just to be sure.

How does the hair product work?
All of the certified organic oils that have been chosen each have their own set of properties to deeply nourish your hair. They naturally have various vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and omegas that work together to stimulate hair growth, reduce breakage and prevent hair fall. Check out our ingredients list to read how each ingredient helps.

Why is this hair masque thicker than traditional masks?
Our Nourishing Hair Masque has a much higher oil to water ratio, meaning your hair gets more benefit. Our ratio is 65% nourishing oils, 34% water and less than 1% preservative. When applied to damp hair, the application will be smoother and spread more easily. But if you have wet hair you are diluting the oils that actually benefit your hair. By applying to dry hair, you retain the higher oil quantity and get better results (in my opinion). Your experience will be different as the hair masque will remain a thick, buttery consistency as you apply to your hair. It won't drip, can feel slightly sticky (this is just the emulsion) and will lightly dry as it sits and nourishes your hair.

Can I sleep in the products?
If you wish you sleep with the hair masque in, we recommend using a gentle hair turban to avoid getting the hair masque on your sheets. It is an oil blend and may stain bedding. But yes, the longer you allow the natural oils to do their job, the better the result for your hair.


What payment options do we offer?
We have opted for anything to make the check out process for you (we also hate getting up to find our card in the middle of the night), and proudly offer: Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal and Buy Now, Pay Later options: Afterpay and Klarna.