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Nourish your locks... and get thicker & hydrated hair!

You want hair that makes you feel good. And when we throw everything at it - looking at you hair straightener and tied too tightly hair ties - you want it to still look its best.

There are so many factors that take out a huge toll on our overall hair health. From day to day activities in the sun or maintaining the glorious work of your hairdresser. Even something so special as the event of becoming a mother has an impact on your hair- thanks hormones!

After my own experiences with postpartum hair loss, I was inspired to create a product that rejuvenates and stimulates hair growth. But why stop there?

Our collection of ultra-rich and multi-use hair care provides with you essential items for any self care ritual. From the buttery hair masque to our new silky elixirs, you'll find something to help you focus on your own self care.

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"My body is going through a lot of changes during pregnancy, and I know there's more to come after bub is here. One thing I'm preparing for now is the postpartum hair loss and breakage (for my already thin hair), so I've been using the Hello Islie hair masque a lot to help promote healthier, thicker hair growth!"

"One self care activity I love to do is wash my hair and then leave in this Nourishing Hair Masque treatment to help my poor damaged hair! It seems everyone has noticed the transformation, I've had so many nice compliments about my hair! This masque has repaired it back to it's healthy state!"


"Lockdown self care is a must! My hair is feeling voluminous and healthy again after having styled so frequently with heat this past month. It's formulated to encourage thick and fuller hair, revive dry and brittle ends, and reduces hair loss and breakage!"